These are pictures from my work term in Kuala Lumpur from July 2001 - Mar. 2002
My room at the PNB Darby Park Hotel

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Living Room

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Living Room

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Bedroom looking to Bathroom

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Swimming Pool at night

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The office at Technology Park

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The IT-365 Team

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Jim Phair & I at the opening lunch

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Waiting to use the internet.. kidding

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The girls - notice the typical Malay dress

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The BAU Team

Merdeka celebration - Aug.31st

shots taken from the roof of the hotel.

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Road Trip to Pangkor Beach0721.jpg (37064 bytes) Fishingboat_Pangkor.jpg (60620 bytes) Sunset0721.jpg (22969 bytes) ManServantsOnBreak0721.jpg (56839 bytes) CharlesTracy0721.jpg (38874 bytes) Theguysbypool.jpg (55288 bytes)
Tracy one of the team members enjoyed having five man servants TempleB0721.jpg (60944 bytes)

One of the many temples

Taxi.jpg (79642 bytes)

One of the fastest diesels I've ever been in.

HinduTempleKL0721.jpg (60498 bytes) Pangkor.jpg (127896 bytes) The pool was cooler than the ocean CharlesTracyGrWall0721.jpg (62024 bytes)

Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur

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If you like stairs this is the place

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InsideBatu_3.jpg (99073 bytes) 

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Town centre

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View from the hotel

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Betcha & driver

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Portuguese Galleon

Rick.jpg (54274 bytes)

Rick the shipmate

GolfPros.jpg (59760 bytes)

The golf pros rewarding themselves